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Gorgeous Length and Volume

without the wait

Extensions make a world of difference for virtually any hairstyle– adding length, volume, and dimension– and they just happen to be our specialty. When your extensions are done by a highly educated and experienced stylist, they should be seamless and nearly impossible to tell apart from your real hair.

EXTENSION application

What makes us unique: We specialize in a concealed bead method that is virtually unseen and damage free! We use only the best hand-tied human hair that is matched seamlessly or custom colored to your natural hair. If you feel like your density is lacking in a particular area, our team can also add in an alternative method to fill in those areas. Ready for your dream hair….here’s what the process looks like.

The Process:

Step 1: Apply – See if you’re a good candidate by filling out our Application.

Step 2: Consultation – this is where we will color match you and make sure you know all the ins and outs of having dream hair.

Step 3: Secure Reservation – Pricing will be determined during consultation based on desired look.

Step 4: Installation Day!